Wednesday, 11 November 2009

An 'Over the Top' Award

Thank you to Avril Ann and Shell for this lovely award, it is much appreciated.  If you haven't popped by these ladies blogs before then you have been missing some fantastically inspirational work and the funny thing is they both do their crafting work in a shed in their garden.  Now with this award I have to answer quite a few questions so here they go...

1. Where is your mobile? - In my handbag
2. Your hair? -  Blonde (naturally, but been many colours)
3. Your Mother?- The best mum in the world
4. Your Father? -Sadly no longer with us
5. Your favourite food?-  Chicken
6. Your dream last night? -Can't remember having one
7. Your favourite drink? -  Latte
8. Your Dream? -  To have my own craft shop
9. What room are you in? -  The lounge
10. Your Hobby? -  Crafting of course
11. Fear? -  Spiders
12. Where do you want to be in 5 years? -  Still crafting with a craft shop
13. Where were you last night? -  In bed for 9:30
14. Something that you aren't? - Positive
15. Muffins... Love them if they are chocolate
16. Wish List Item? -  Far too many to list
17. Where did you grow up? -  Worthing, West Sussex
18. Last thing you did. - Finished a card
19. What are you wearing?  - Clothes
20. Your TV? - Watching a children in need doc with Callum Best about the affects of alchol on families
21. Pets? -  Mollie our furbaby (cocker spaniel)
22. Friends? -  Lots of friends
23. Mood? - Good, normally
24. Life?  -Happy
25. Missing someone? -  Steve my fiance, he works away most of the week.
26. Vehicle? -  Citreon Picasso
27. Something you’re not wearing? - LOL...ummm a hat!!
28. Fav store? -  Any craft shop
29. Fav Colour? - Pinks and Purples
30. When was last time you laughed? -  Sunday at the NEC in the company of some wonderful crafting friends
31. Last time you cried? -  Monday, burying our poor cat Dusty who was put to sleep on Sunday.
32. Best Friend? - Steve, my fiance and partner of 15 years
33. One place that I go to over n over? -  My craft room or desk in lounge
34. Facebook? -  Yes, newbie to it
35. Fav place to eat?Anywhere where the food is good

I'm passing this award on to ...


And anyone else who does not yet have it, so don't be shy please take with love from me and be proud of your 'Top Blog'


Joanne xx


Anonymous said...

Lol - what, not wearing a hat!!! Shame on you, lol. Hope your dreams come true and you get that craft shop one day. Hugs Shell xxx

Moni said...

Thanks hun, will post it on my blog! So appreciate it! Hugs,moni

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