Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I hope my mum, my MIL and all other Mum's out there have a wonderful day today.

Two of the girls are home today and we're going for a lunch out with Steve's mum and his brothers and their families, so going to be quite alot of us there, lovely to all get together, not very often his mum gets to see all five boys at the same time, so it will be a special day for her.

And what another lovely glorious morning it is, hope it's as warm as it was yesterday.

I've just seen on the news that sadly Jade Goody died in the early hours of this morning. You either loved her or hated her, but either way she had been so brave over these past few months and touched many hearts with her courage and determination. I didn't hate her, she could be very annoying but entertaining too. I was, however, at the start a little critical of all the publicity and use of her illness for financial gain from when she was first diagnosed with cervical cancer, but all this publicity has had some positive effect, there has been a surge in women coming forward for screening, which they've called the 'Jade Effect' and the government are now looking again to lower the age of screening, and I can now see she was doing all this for her boys. Obviously no amount of money can ever replace these little boys mother, and despite what anyone's opinions were of her, she was a loving mother to her two young boys and only wanted whats best for her boys, like any mother would for their children. My thoughts are with Jade's boys and family at this sad time.

Cherish your mum's xxxx


Angel's Delight's said...

Hi Joanne,

I could not even watch the new's today, mum's everywhere are celebrating today, but for the poor family of Jade's, MOTHERS DAY, is going to be a very hard day forever, hard enough loosing a child and mum, let alone on mothers day, how can they ever look forward to mother's day again,
My deepest sympathy for all the famlily,
Have a good day Joanne...
Hugs Angel

Louise Emma said...

RIP Jade, must admit I had a few tears over this yesterday morning when I saw the news x I wouldn't usually but it just so happened that this mothers day would have been my nephews 15th birthday x

Clare said...

I agree with you Joanne about Jade. I didn't like her and thought the publicity a bit much, but at the end of the day, everyone wants what's best for their kids, no-one can be critical of that. Also, to raise awareness for cervical smears is vital. I didn't realise the age was so high until a colleague told me last week. So, despite it being sad, maybe some good will come of it. My thoughts go the those poor little boys, hugs to them. Clare xxx

Clare said...

BTW my mum did love her goodies. I do cherish my mum and dad. MIL hasn't said a word though about her goodies. I spent all day on them. Oh well, never mind.

Emma said...

Hope you all had a lovely day.
God bless all Jade's family.
Emma x

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