Sunday, 20 September 2009

Birthday Candy


To celebrate my upcoming birthday I'm doing a surprise Candy.  It wasn't going to be a surprise, but as I'm awaiting a few items and because I'm going to the Harrogate Show on Sunday, where I'll probably pick up a few more goodies I thought it would be fun to do a surprise candy, so you wont know what the candy is until the candy closes. 
All you need to do to enter is leave a comment here, but there's a catch I want you to tell me what was one of your best ever birthday surprises be it a present, treat or whatever, and of course it would be fab if you want to spread the word about my surprise candy.
And if anyone happens to share the same birthday as me 17th September then please say so and you will get a second entry into the candy, please I'm trusting you all to be honest.
The candy closes on the 20th September at 11:00 p.m. (GMT), I will then reveal the candy and the winner on the 21st September.
Please only one entry, all duplicates will be deleted.  I will post worldwide and don't worry if you don't have a blog just make sure you leave an email so I can contact you.
Good Luck Everyone!!!


Nicola said...

Ooh lucky you going back to Harrogate Joanne and what perfect timing just before your birthday. Hope you spoil yourself rotten when there.
My best birthday present ever is my grandson Ryan who who was born on my birthday woo hoo.
Have linked your candy on my side bar.
Nicola -x-

Moni said...

Wwa that is so great I am in for your candy, hope I win! Have fab time on Saturday! Hugs,moni

Crafty Chris said...

wow luv surprises best kind of pressie, mine was my husband asking me to be his wife soppy or wat, thats me.
Christine x

Penny D. said...

Oh!!! Happy happy birthday!!!!

My grandfather's birthday is also the 17th of September, not mine though, I'm unlucky enough that it's in November which means it falls on Thanksgiving every seven years. Turkey instead of cake those years... lol

My best birthday surprise was when my husband asked me to marry him. I had no idea he was even buying a ring or anything, he just came home from work that night (on my birthday) and asked me to marry him!

I'm already your follower and I've posted this on my sidebar!!!

Lorraine A said...

OOhh how exciting a surprise candy :-) My bestest birthday was when I was about 8 years old and my Mum threw a surprise party for me and invited all the kids in the street lol :-) aww happy days ,, :-)

will give your candy a shout on my blog :-)


Lols x x

JanJ said...

Happy birthday Joanne and thanks for offering a surprise candy - how exciting!

My best birthday pressie was when my hubby arranged to take me to my favourite place to stay in Edinburgh, arranged it all, the time off with work, flights, my parents to come up & look after our daughter, it was such a surprise trip and a wonderful birthday weekend away. But that's in Feb, so no I don't share your birthday!

All the best

Jan xx

Diana said...

I am a follower and I will post a note about your candy tomorrow.

My best birthday is the one I just had. I had been telling my hubby that I wanted him to do something special for my 30th on the 30th birthday. My mom asked me to come to her house for a weekend visit about a week and a half before my birthday -- and had surprised me by flying in my sister and her family and throwing me a giant surprise pary (with close to 50 family and friends showing up) and got me a massage and a wii and it was simply WONDERFUL.

I hope everyone can get such a great birthday at some point in their life.

YAY candy!

Lisa Lou said...

My husband gave me a two year membership to a photo studio for my birthday right before I had my first baby. It was the best! Happy Birthday to you!

ML Design Works said...

Happy Birthday! My best present was a surprise 30th birthday party my husband gave me. Fun! I hope you have a good one! Lisa :-)

MoooooN said...

Hello! Congratulations to you! What's a candy! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
Thanks for a chance to win!


namo said...

Happy birthday Joanne and thanks for offering a surprise candy.My surprise for birthday is flay with balon.
Hugs Namo

Angel's Delight's said...

Wooo hooo Joanne, happy birthdays
My little one Deanna is 24th, close but not close
My best ever prezzie was a renewal of my engagment ring that had to be cut off during pregnancy, as i blew up like a ballon... it broke my heart, never had a clue i had another coming.
Will spread the word for ya missus..
Enjoy the show, lucky ducky you...
Hugs Angel

Ruthie said...

Yay - Happy Birthday love! When you get there that is!

My best birthday pressie was singing lessons from my hubbie!


terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a fantastic day. I'd love to win the "surprise" candy and I don't believe I've ever had a "surprise" on my birthday. I've had wonderful gifts, great cakes, etc, but no surprises. I'll list your candy on my sidebar Here .

Kary Sol said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Thank you for the chance to win your surprise!!!
I never received a surprise in birthday.I very much love surprises, but (unfortunately) they do not love me. In October to me 30 and I am lonely. Has ceased to trust on a holiday. Birthday for me it is sad - I mature, I grow old...
Linked your candy on my sidebar. Welcome to my blog and thanks again...

Kat said...

Have a lovely birthday Joanne. Not sure if this counts but I got married on my 23rd birthday! Thanks for the chance to win your candy. I'll spread the word.

Kat x

Janell J said...

Happy Birthday!!! mine is the day after yours. thanks for the give away!!!

Katherine said...

I hope you have a great birthday! My birthday is just 3 days before Christmas, so it's never been a really big deal... but in jr high I remember a really fun sleepover. (I really need to scrap the pics from that one!)

I'll link you on my blog sidebar :)

Raquel said...

What a great idea and Happy Early Birthday!!! The best birthday surprise present that I got was this last birthday I had, my boyfriend bought me a quad and a super cute helmet, I was totally blown away, definitely not something that I expected but I was definitely excited!!! Enjoy your birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for the chance to win.


Aleksandra said...

I wish you to have a gret birthday and thanks for a chance to win your candy :-))

annie2006 said...

hope you have a fab birthday!
my best birthday surprise was when i was 20. a limo turned up at my door to take me into town! my then boyf (now hubby) had organised it all with without me having a clue - no small feat!

Cheri Howard said...

The best birthday surprise I ever had was when my hubby arranged for a weekend getaway without telling me. It was a very romantic spot! My b-day is in February, but you share my mom's birthday! =D

Dragonlady said...

Have a great Birthday Joanne.
Oh I do love surprises.

My best present was the laptop my hubby bought me quite recently - purple.

Ali x

Nunt said...

Happy upcoming birthday Joanne :) My best birthday was 3 years back, when my then new boyfriend got me a day at the spa (facial treatments and massage) and then took me to a fancy restaurant for dinner <3 Now we are living together and safe to say, no matter how many hints and straightforward requests I've thrown, I have not gotten such treatments again :D He's caught me now, he doesn't need to try anymore I guess ;P


noga said...

hi, happy birthday to you! my favorite birthday was my 18 when i visited london whith mom

Таня said...

I apologise, have forgotten to write about birthday.
My best gift - the dishwasher. I not so like to wash ware)

Cathy said...

Ohhh I love surprises!!! I can't wait to find out what your candy is!
My best birthday present was the engagement ring my hubby got me! But the laptop, Magnolia Stamp club kit annual subscription do come close seconds LOL!
I will post your candy in my sidebar.
Cathy xx

jackiescrafts said...

Oooooooh surprise candy, i love surprises.
My best birthday surprise was when I turned 21 and my parents bought me a new car.... how lucky was I

Hugs Jackie x

crafty amy said...

OOoohhh surprise candy :D What a great idea thank you so much for the chance to win. My Birthday is almost the same as yours mine is the 18th Sept lol :D
My best present was when my boyfriend got me a camera and a couple of lenses I was not expecting it at all and then he took me to monkey world so I could try it out.


Amy xx

SannaS said...

Happy upcoming birthday!
ooooh, what could the candy be???? =)
My favorite present was a mobile phone I got a few years back, I had no idea my hubby had bought it for me, I was totally surprised! =)
Hugs, SannaS

mae said...

Hoola!!1Gracias por dejarme participar!!Mi sorpresa de cumpleaños fue el raglo de unas entradas para un recital de un grupo internacional!!!!
Saludos desde Argentina!

The twins mum said...

Hi Ya Joanne, Happy Birthday!
My fav. present, and it was a surprise, was a gold tone antique style locket and matching earing set that my hubby got me ( I was working in a jewellery shop and had been eyeing it of for weeks and was very angry when it sold, little did I know my hubby brought it) It has a gorgeous pink china rose in the centre.
Our birthdays miss by a few days mine is on the 25th :(.
Enjoy your weekend.

shellshearer said...

Hi hun, happy early birthday xxxx
Thanks for doing this xxxx

My fav birthday was probably the first after KT our youngest was born, we hadn't got any spare cash at all, and my darling hubby had been saving 10p pieces and had saved enough to buy me an eternity ring....I cried for days lol...

hugs shell xx

rosa said...

Wow Thanks for the chance at all your candy I follow and have linked you all up
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa

happy birthday

Betsabè said...

woooooow, thanks for this chance.
the best gift was a plane ticket to Morocco to go to my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
sorry for my english.

Craftyanny said...

Happy birthday Joanne!! You've not let on how many candles will be on the cake though lol Have we to guess?
My best birthday present was when hubby treated me to a surprise party for my 40th then a weeekend away again which I knew nothing about.
Anne x

Max said...

Yummy candy Joanne. Add my name to the list please.

My biggest birthday surprise was a few years ago when hubby secretly arranged a luxury weekend away as a special treat after I'd been recovering from a particularly complicated surgery. Had a fantastic room with all the things a girl could possibly want.
Only thing was I missed my kiddlings too much after being in hospital for so long, I came home a day early.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Hiya Joanne,
Happy Birthday for Thursday.
I don't think it was a surprise but my best biirthday thing ever was on my 17th, I got my very first driving lesson at 6pm. WOW I still remember the time. All I ever wanted to do was drive so that was the best pressie I ever got!!!
Love and Huggys Hazelxoxox

Superjaxster said...

My husband shares the same birthday as you, but he would not be as excited as I would to win your candy, I'm sure lol! The best birthday present I ever got was my digital camera. My parents knew that I was really wanting one 2 years ago since I am the family "photographer". My dad used to make fun of people who took pictures of birds and flowers, til I started doing it! (well, maybe he still does, but not in front of me! LOL)

Marsha said...

My birthday falls in the same week as our county fair and for some reason we often took the kids to the fair that day. One year my kids (then in their teens and early 20's) planned a surprise for me so that when we left the fair grounds to go to the motorhome for lunch, there was a cake and presents and my parents.

Emma said...

Woo hoo you lucky thing going away for a birthday treat!! Happy Birthday for Thursday but guna see ya before then away.
My best birthday suprise was Steve taking me to Gran Canaria when I was 30...knew we were going away but didn't know where until a few days before...loved it!!
Hugs Emma x

Chrisd said...

Happy Birthday. My best birthday surprise from my husband were 2 tickets to see Paul Mc Cartney in concert. It was the best!
Put on my Blog candy roll.

Poppy said...

Have a lovely time, my lovely surprise was this year we decided not to do anything for my birthday as we are going to america for 3 weeks,but the day before my birthday my lovley husband and brother arranged a suprise meal at a local pub, I was gob smacked.... quite an acheivment I can tell

ekaterina-sanna said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
The big surprise on my birthday was, when to me my husband has suggested me to become his wife!!!
thanks for a chance to win your candy !!!

Lana said...

Have a super Birthday Joanne and thanks so kindly for offering candy. I will go and link this on my blog and my best surprise birthday present will have to be my Pazzle which i absolutely love :0)
Lana x

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo Happy Birthday Joanne! What fun, enjoy yourself! I'm not sure I've ever had a birthday suprise! I can't remember any suprises but if I do I shall pop back to share LOL! Just off to link to you candy and thanks for linking to mine! Kim

Violets Corner said...

Happy birthday Joanne! Hope your having a lovely time!
My best birthday surprise was when I got my first bike more than 30 years ago, it was red and the best bike ever, hehe.


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Hi Joanne, sorry I missed your Birthday so a belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day. Thanks for the chance of getting your surprise Candy, will pop a link in my sidebar to it.
My best birthday surprise was when my husband phoned me at work about 2 weeks before my birthday and said tell them your leaving(I was doing temp work at the time)we are going to New Zealand next week. Gob smacked to say the least. So I spent my birthday in New Zealand with my cousin who I hadn't seen in 6 years.

Chris xx

craftycrafter said...

I didnt do a lot for my birthday this year, as I had a whole weekend last year, and a lovely fancy dress party to end it, now we are saving as I will have been married 50 next year so am looking forward to that so you have a great time and please enter me for your candy draw Dorothyxxx

Ewik21 said...

hi, happy birthday to you! my favorite birthday was this year it was a new car. Hugs Ewa

Tertia said...

Hope I am not too late! It is still the 20th in South Africa. Happy birthday, hope you had a wonderful time. my best birthday surprise was when my children (all younger than 12) made me a quilt from all the leftover pieces of material I had ever used to make them clothes. I call it my Story quilt and won't let anybody else, not even my grandchildren use it. After 20 years it is still my most prized posession.

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