Sunday, 10 August 2008

Second Batch of Scrapbook Pages

Still been keeping busy with the scrapbooks over the past few days, but I'm nearly done now, only a couple of pages to go.

A big thank you to Louise Emma from the Iamg-e-nation Forum for helping me make these holiday pages complete with the Bognor Regis Postcard, which I believe is a photo she took her self then added the text and border using PSP, Thanks Louise xx

The following page is Henry Scott Holland's - Death is nothing at all, it was chosen by my mum to be read at my dad's funeral. The flower's are from the funeral, with my mum's love heart wreath being at the bottom of the verse.

Now on a lighter note I have a peacock (pea hen) update.......
She is still roaming between our garden and the neighbour's, more so in the neighbour's as Mollie keeps chasing her off. From what I have been told 4 peacocks were dumped in the village just over a week ago. The RSPCA are aware but have had problems catching them, so it is looking like the village may have gained four, luckily for us the female makes little noise (unless Mollie is chasing her off the garden of course) but apparently the males further up the road have been very noisy especially at 5 o'clock in the morning, so there are a few residents who are not too impressed with the village's newest residents.


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