Monday, 9 February 2009

My Blog Candy - NOW CLOSED

Well here it is, I was going to wait until I was nearer the 10,000 hits to my blog, but what I will do is run this candy until the counter hits 10,000 or just over (just in case I miss the actual 10,000th hit).

Here's what the winner will get:

Dufex Border Stickers

Stamptivity Stamp Set (SMD519)

Dovecrafts 6x6 Designer Paper Pack - A Hint of Pink

Set of 5 Craft Works Ribbons

Set of 4 wood mounted corner stamps

Selection of Fabric Flowers

Selection of Brads

Dew Drop Brilliance Ink Pad - Starlite Silver

Artoz Charm Paperclips

Selection of Foiled Die-Cut Flowers

Selection of Gems & Charms

3 Felt Butterflies

Die-Cut Glittery Butterflies and Dragonflies (2 of each)

As well as reaching the 10,000 hits if my blog followers list also hits 100+ then I will throw in an extra surprise candy for one runner-up picked at random from the followers list, it could be something I've made or more crafty stuff, you wont know until you recieve the runner-up 'Followers' candy.

Here's what you have to do:

Other than crafting one of my other hobbies is coarse fishing, I'd like you tell me what is your next favourite pastime/hobby other than crafting, by leaving me a comment on this candy thread. Then please put a link/post on your blog about my candy and spread the word, feel free to use the candy picture on your blog if you'd like.

This candy will end at 10,000 hits or just over, where a winner will be picked at random from the comments made. If 100+ followers is reached by 10,000 hits a runner-up will also be picked at random from the 'FOLLOWERS LIST'. Please only enter once, any duplicates will be removed. This candy is open to all and I will post worldwide.

***Becoming a follower IS NOT compulsary to enter this candy, I'd rather you followed my blog because you want to not because you have to.**

I really can't believe that I've nearly reached this milestone of hits to my blog in such a short time, thank you to everyone who regulary visits my blog and for all of your wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated, Thank You xxx



Lorraine A said...

Oooh what lovely candy Joanne :-) I would love to win this so make sure you put my name in the hat :-)
My next favoiurite pastime would have to be scuba diving, living on such a small iland with such fabulous diving facilities it would be a shame not to dive :-)
Love your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations hunni!!! whooo im first! 1st never wins lol!

my fav hobby other than crafting is, i collect TY beanie bears you should see how many ive got near 2,000 i bet! they're all over my house!!!

off to link you on my side board... oooo is that flowers i see in your candy yummy!

take care

Carly xxx

Paula's ponderings said...

YUmmy candy Joanne I will link you in my side bar HERE

Congrats on a lovely blog and all your hits!

Another hobby I have is learning as much as I can about computers...long way to go though!

Moni said...

Gorgeous candy, love to win it, so pick me, pick me!:)
I love to make jewelery and skating! I linked you! Hugs, Moni

Jezz79 said...

Congrats on your many hits!! Lovely candy, I´m off to put a link on my sidebar/Jessica

carine said...

wauw..this is a very great candy..congrats on your blog an your other great hobby is traveling...we go on vacation every year whit a biggest dream is to go to the USA..greetings carine

Sue said...

Oh Congratulations on all your hits hun, lovely candy offer, thanks for chance to win, will link to my side bar. My fave hobby after crafting is photography, animals bein my fav thing in the world to snap.sue.xx good luck all.x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hiya Joanne, I love the candy it looks yummy. Congrats on the 10000 hits to be. :-)) Well my next favourite thing would be reading, I love reading scary books and at the mo am reading Bram Stokers Dracula (again)!!!!
Off to put a link on my blog,
Love Hazel xox

Anonymous said...

Whoop, Whoop, Joanne...
10,0000 hit's, wow.....

Hahaha you will laugh my whole family's hobby is FISHING, in the summer we live down by the lake doing fresh water fishing, even my 5 yr old has a fishing rod, they all sit there all day and not move,
Off to link ya hun..
Hugs Angel

JanJ said...

Hi Joanne

What wonderful blog candy you're giving out, would love to win that stash!

My second favourite pastime is Amateur Dramatics (always been a bit of a Drama Queen LOL). Have added your blog candy detail to my blog.

All the best

Jan x

Gvendalen said...

Congrats on your many hits!
My second favourite pastime is Cross Stitch.
I will link you in my side bar. thanks for chance to win.

Monica Anderberg said...

Nice candy! I would love to win. My other big hobby is quilting. I have two big homepages one for quilting and one for scrapping. Both has the name "..-leket" that has assosiation with play, joyfulness and childhood.

Ana Isabel said...

Hola mi hobby son la manualidades...voy a dejar un link en

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gorgeous candy! Thanks for a chance to win and congratulations on the hits! I posted about it here:
Other than making cards I like cross stitching and reading books.
Have a lovely evening

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Congratulations Joanne, as I'm sure you will hit the 10K in no time, so I'm getting in what fab candy, glad to be in for a chance of getting it, & good luck in getting your 100 followers.
One of my other hobbies is gardening if the sun is shinning I'm out in the garden, I've linked to you in my blog

Chris x

Jacquie Hart said...

My second fav hobby besides crating is reading. I love to read at one time I used to just read Romance, but I think that was just to get me ready for the reading that I do now. I am very eclectic in my reading

I posted a link on my blog for your candy my dear thanks for offering it.

Mouse40 said...

My other hobby - it is drawing. I have little pain, but I like very much :)
Congratulations on the hits!
Great blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win!
I became a follower and posted a link on my blog

The twins mum said...

So who's a popular girl then! Congrat's Joanne thats awesome. Be sure to pop my name into the hat.
Seeing I don't get much spare time and when I do I'm crafting my next fav past time would have to be playing with my three babies, i know corny but true. Have an awesome day
Thank you for your kind words we are safe here in west Australia the fires are over east but in saying that they are predicting some very hot whether, 40+degrees and of course hot weather means bush fires.

Heather "Hev" said...

Congratulations Joanne!!

I know it wont be long before you reach 10,000!!!

Certainly I will add this fab candy to my Guilt Free Candy Store for everyone to share!!

Have a lovely day!!

Bunny B said...

Congrats on your almost 10k hits!! :))

I also love reading and watching movies! Great pastimes :) I really have lots of fun doing it :)

Linked you :

bunnybx at gmail . com

Ria said...

WOWZERS Joanne that is some mightly loveable candy ;) and soo low fat!! Perfect for my diet ;) hahah

Ar yah kidding me? another hobby? is there time for anything else??
Okay I have 2 other hobbies ;) 1 is sleeping and 2 is reading books.watching tv is a hobby i think to ;) hahahha

hugs Ria

Jennifer (gojenlaw) said...

beside scrapbooking I love to sew and cross stitch.

Nikki said...

Hi I thought I'd give this a try everything your Candy is very pretty.
Other Fave hobby would be designing stainglass window the Edwardian era is my fave all the scroll work I love it :)

Added your site to my wittle blog

BishopsMommie said...

y favorite past time is scrapping and hanging out with the family! Thanks for the awesome prize!!

sandra said...

hiya great candy ive linked you too,
my fave pastime is nice slow walks with hubby and my son.
sandra xxxx

clare said...

WOW congrats on 10,000+ hits..and here's to many morex
what gorgeous candy you got on offer..i would love the chance plese,ill pop a pic and link in sidebar.

my other hobbie then card making is caravanning and
motorbikes..we've got a caravan in west wales,which we go down most weekends from april - october and we do a lot of beach fishing down there as well..and then BBQ mackrel in the evenings and im a pillon passenger to my lovely hubby on the back of his GSXR 600..which we love to go on meets and ride though the welsh mountains most sundays..when the weather is good.

scotspanda said...

I have added your candy to my candy box

my hobby after crafting is reading, I read all the time and have been known to stay up all night with a good book lol

gorgeous candy hun and a lovely blog, I will be back for sure


Amanda xx

~Vittory~ said...

Hi! Congratulations!!!!
My second hobby is knitting.
Thank you for such a lovely candy. I've added link on my sidebar.
With best wishes,

Zoe said...

Good look on getting to 10,000 hits and 100 followers - I have linked your candy to my blog

Now my other hobbies - does shopping for craft stuff count?? Nah guess not!!

When I am not crafting or shopping for craft stuff I enjoy bike riding or walking and generally do anything we can do as a family. I love reading auto-biographys.

Zoe x

Emma said...

Woo gorgeous candy...pastime after card maker!!! Do we have time??!!! Lol
I also love to cross stitch and make latch hook rugs...all ongoing projects. Also love going out socialising and having good time.
There is something for you on my blog and will add a link for ya.
Emma x

Jenn said...

Thanks for the chance to win! My other love is to sing.

Jilli said...

Fab candy Joanne! Now then, wot else do i like doing apart from making cards? This is difficult cos cardmaking is now a way of life not a hobby lol!

When i'm not crafting i enjoy watching tv series (24, Lost, Desperate Housewives), I also like reading. But these are only done when I'm not babysitting my grandson, who i have Mon-Fri. No time for another hobby really lol!

I'm already a follower and have linked your candy on my blog sidebar here.


pattyb said...

What a beautiful blog. I love your work as well. I am glad someone steered me in this direction. I will be a follower because I am excited about what comes next. Thanks for the chance for awesome blog candy.

Ciacchina said...

my other hobbie then card making and scrapbboking is collect hedgehogs... Great blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win!
I became a follower and posted a link on the side-bar of my blog.
Hugs from Italy

Sally said...

What a fantastic candy you have Joanne, congratulations on almost reaching your milestone.
I will put a link on my blog telling everyone about your candy.

Take care Sallyxx

Teri said...

Hi Joanne : )

My next best hobby besides paper crafting is reading. I LOVE paranormal romances ..... some of my fav authors are ... Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Maggie Shayne, Nora Roberts, Laurell Hamilton and J R Ward ... although there are loads more I love : )

Lovely candy! Thank you for the chance to win this.

Teri xx

Jilly said...

wow Joanne great blog candy. would love the chance to win this.
I have put a link on my blog.
My other favorite pastime is walking. I love walking in the lakes and in north wales

thomas said...

Great blog candy.
My other love (other than crafting) is watching films....

Will def be following your blog and will try and link it to mine...


Char- The Mad Shopper said...

I have told the world about your blog candy on my blog:
As far as another hobby besides all the craft ones, I would have to say Photography.
BTW that is some blog candy.

Camilla:-) . Camilla Raade Paulsen said...

Hi Joanne - this is my first time looking thru an English (?) blog and wow you make such great layouts!!! Stunning work!

I also love to paint and sew different things :-) And I love to read books :-)

Bev said...

Fab candy hun, and congrats on all your hits. I've linked you in my side bar

hugs Bev x

Josette said...

Beautiful blog candy. I also love to fish but I dont get to go very often so my next favorite hobby is baking. I have the biggest sweet tooth so when it hits I go bake. Heres my link

Chelle said...

paper crafting is definately my first love, but my second hobby/job is cooking!

Sue said...

Hi Joanne, congrats at nearing 10,000 hits,i have put a link and post onm my blog:)

Me and hubby like fishing too,sea fishing though and my other love is The Titanic,i have lots of books and collectables:)


Craftyanny said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fabby candy Joanne, won't be long till you've reached 10,000 hits now.
My other hobby is visitng Turkey, we've a wee place there which I love to visit as often as possible.
I'll put a link in by side bar too

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...first time here but not my last! My other favorite craft is crocheting baby and toddler sweaters and dresses. I's boring but I just love it.
Congrats on so many hits-I am off to hook you up on my side-bar so that others can find you:)

Karen L said...

Congratulations on your blog hits Joanne! I am NOT a fisherwoman at all, I'm a strictly indoors type of person! However, second to papercrafting, my favorite thing to do is sew!

Sena said...

Wowza!! Congrats congrats! I love your candy!
I have linked you at


Rhynah said...

Ohh, I made it on time. You have 9,422 hits now. :D Not long till 10,000!! Congrats!

My fav hobby after crafting is music. It's always been a big part of my life so no wonder I'm studying to become a music teacher. ;P

Thanks for the chance to win this blog candy!

- Rhynah

Clare said...

Hi Joanne. Congrats on almost 10,000 hits, that's fab. Well done. Thanks for the chance to win the candy, it's lovely. My other hobby is collecting and selling dragons. It has always been a favourite of mine to collect fantasy creatures and nearly 4 years ago hubby and I turned it into a small website selling them to other dragon lovers. BTW thanks for the award, sorry I haven't visited sooner to collect it!! Have a good day, hugs Clare x

jennyv said...

Congrats on your hits! My other favorite hobby would be baking and cooking. I just hate clean up after wards. I'm also a follower to your blog.
Thanks for the chance to win this great candy.


Alice said...

Hi from Italy and congrats on your hits! Thanks for a chance to win this fantastic candy, I will put a link to my candybar. My other hobby is cinema if it could be a hobby! I like to watch so many films and go to the cinema!

Leanne said...

What wonderful candy. Another one of my favourite past times is to cross stitch.

Fifi (Киска) said...

Thanks for the chance to win some great candy! I've put a link and a picture to your candy in my blog.
My other favorite hobby is Cross Stitching.

Heather Bradley said...

Life other than there such a thing? I collect teddy bears of all varieties and age.
Wonderful candy you are offering :0) Please can I be entered :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

p.s I have candy up for grabs too, if you want to check it out :0)

Doris said...

congrats on your milestones! my fav pasttime hobby is to play guitar:) here is my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne

Congratulations on your hits! You are very generous to offering this fab selection of candy. I have put a thread on my blog for you!

Well done again, love Emma x

Sam said...

ooh - so many hits!! Hopefully one day I will get that many! Anyway, my other hobby is reading, but I am also trying to get my new quilting hobby off the ground - it's taking a bit of time!!

Will add your lovely link to my candy sidebar!

Gunn (Merete) said...

What a great candy. I also like your blog and your work.

My other hobby next to cards and AJ`s are reading. I love to read books and my taste goes from romantic to crime and thrillers.

agnes said...

Hi Joanne, congratulations on so many hits. My fav hobby is the sport of my daughter, volleyball. We don't miss a game.
Thank you for the chance to win this candy!

Chris ^j^ said...

After crafting, I love to read.
Thank you for the chance at fat free candy! Chris ^j^

TheLittleFrog said...

Congrats! What a lovely blog and yummy candy!!! Greetings from Slovakia:)

Jodi said...

Congrats on so many visits! I've added your blog to my follow list, so I will definitely be back, and have also added your giveaway to my blog.

When I am not crafting, I love to read. Lately, I have been reading 2-3 books a week on average (I am a fast reader, so that helps).

Thanks so much for the chance to win these fabulous goodies :)

Daisychain said...

Congratulations on so many blog hits, i've got a long way to go before I catch up with you.

My other hobbies are Dollshouses and riding my motorbike.

Thanks for the chance to win your great blog candy, I have put you in my 'Candy Jar' here

Abby said...

My other hobbies are writing letters, reading picture books and cooking vegetarian food. I don't have a blog.

Lynsey said...

Great blog candy Joanne! My other hobby is photography. Thanks for the chance to win. I've put a link on my side bar for you.
Hugs Lynsey:)

Jacilynn said...

Great Candy! my next favorite hobby is reading. Congrats on your success.

Anne said...

What a selection, what one can do with all that!!

In my spare time I am researching family history, have been doing it for over 20 years and still finding out more facts and more interesting people.

Would love to win this collection

Thank you for the chance


Kukusinka said...

Hi Joanne, congratulations on so many hits! My other hobby is photography.
Thank you for the chance to win!
Posted about your candy in my blog:

joey said...

Hi Joanne, really not sure how I missed this as I visit you most days lol. congrats on all your hits, fabulous candy you have on offer hunny thanks for the chance. I shall add you to my sidebar now.

Katarina said...

What a yummy candy!
Other than crafting I have discovered scubadiving as a wonderful way to spend my time. Now, I can't do that as often as I would like to (due to the horrific cold waters around Sweden), but just planning a trip or travelling helps me along.


InkHearts said...

My *other* favorite pastime is and has always been reading. I have been getting lost inside books since I learned how to read. The latest thing I read that was great was The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It was really great. Thanks for the chance to win! Linked you in my Candyland.

Sunshinecoastgrl said...

Hi Joanne, your blog is a lot of fun!! No wonder you have had so many hits! I would love to win your candy!! My other past times are boating/fishing...I love to be out on the ocean with my sweetheart, a good book and a fishing rod!! I also like to garden and crossstitch oh and of course my computer where I can visit all my crafty friends. cheers to you from Canada Colleen

Кристина said...

thank you very much for such a wonderful candy! Would be happy to get it!!! And the next thing after scrapbooking I like to do is sweing with my new sweing machine! I really adore it!!!!
Kristina, and a link in my blog:

Emma said...

Lovely candy :) Ive added you to my blog Em xx

Таня said...

Hi from Moldova! My blog

moi said...

Congrats on your many hits!
The next thing after making cards is to make jewellery.

I've linked you on my sidebar.
Thanks for chance to win.

Hugs, moi

JACKIE said...

Would love the chance to win your candy chick, my fav pastime after crafting would have to be watching my boys playing football...not too good in the cold weather but I get a bit excited when theyre doing well and a bit more excited when theyre leave a link back for you here, I have also added myself as a follower as think your work is fabby....hugs jackie xx

Benedicte said...

I love blogcandys.
I've posted a link on my left sidebar :-) my other hobbies are photography, and my family :-)

hugs, Benedicte

barbie391 said...

What nice candy- would love a chance- I do not have a blog but will tell my paper crafting friends about this- I am signing up to follow your blog as I love it. Next to crafting I love reading books. I especially love scary ones.

Sheena said...

I've linked you on my side-bar!
Congratulations on reaching 10,000 hits (almost!!)
Apart from cardmaking my hobbies would hopping??!!!

bolha said...

HiJoanne! Congrats on your soon to be 10.000 hits. :) Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy. My favorite pass time next to crafting i s jogging with my dogs every morning. :) I know crazy. :)
x Natasha x

Happy Crafter said...

Hi Joanne,You have some fabulous candy there thanks for the chance to be in the draw :)
My other fav pastime would be knitting and sewing, niether of them i do as much as i would like though now due to calpal tunnel, especially the knitting anything bigger than a scarf now takes me forever as i have to put it down for a while after 2 or 3 rows.
Good luck to all in the draw :)
Hugzz Val xxx

Reeva said...

I'm having so much fun blog-hopping and making friends this year.

Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I'm not a blogger but I love to craft! My othe hobby is gardening and trying to bring half-dead plants back to life! :)

Saskia said...


Wow, thanks for this great blogcandy!! I'm sure yoy will reach the 10.000 soon!!
I love making cards and atc's...and reading!! All kinds of books... romantic stories, history, coocking books, books for children (great drawings), magazines,... We have a little library at home!!

Good luck to you!!



Marika said...

congratulations for the hits!
I'd like to enter in the draw
Ciao from Italy

Leonie said...

Hi Joanne!

Congratulations on so many hits!!

My 2nd hobby is reading. I love to read and spend a lot of money on new books, even more then on stamps... weird now that I'm writing this down I suddenly realise that I always think my stamping hobby is too expensive but books are too!! So, it isn't weird that I will spend more in the future!
Thanks for helping me realising this, it helps me not feeling guilty anymore when I buy more paper or stamps :)

I've linked you in my sidebar!

Leonie xx

Whimsical Creations said...

Gardening....i can't wait for spring.

Thanks for the chance to win.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Maria Matter said...

Gosh, Joanne, that is some yummy candy! Very generous!!!
My other hobbies are computer and writing!
I've listed you on my blog,
Joyful Stamper
Thanks for doing this!
Blessings, Maria

Nicole said...

Congratulations, Joanne!! I love checking out blogs from over seas! I already hooked you up to my blog!!

As for me, beyond paper-crafting, jewelry design and crochet (which are all crafts) I really enjoy cooking!! Nothing beats a homecooked meal, in my opinion!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Hoosier Hugs, Nicole

Olena said...

Congratulations on so many hits!!
Gorgeous candy, love to win it, so pick me, pick me!:)

KV Creative Designs said...

I love Candy that doesn't add inches to my waist!! Count me in!

Happy New year and Artful Blessings,

Marina said...

Hi Joanne

I don't know if I am allowed to take part in your candy seeing as I don't have a blog. Nevertheless I wanted to tell you that I enjoy surfing through your blog and looking at all the beautiful cards you create. As your style is completely different to my own (and the tiny fact that I am still a beginner) this is especially inspirational.
So, thanks and I will definitely continue to come back.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

I am very fond of her husband, and always try to think of it chtonibud wondering which is a romantic adventure, walks and much more, while I was still leading a team of dedicated wedding.
Very beautiful sweetie, thank you for the opportunity vygrat such beauty:)

Anonymous said...

Wow... like I have a chance in winning this. I'll try anyway. And I have posted the link for you scrumptios candy here
Other than paper crafts.I love to blog hop. Gardening and cross stitch are more favorites. I also like to collect Tierra's
Thanks for offering such awesome candy!

Anonymous said...

My other hobbies? Quite obvious :-D
Besides crafting I love to dance (Ballroom and Latin), play soccer, and do what everyone loves to do (e.g. spend time with friends,...)

Thanks for the chance to win!
You can find your link on my sidebar!

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