Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow and Pictures

Lots and lots of snow, don't you just love it?, well I do. The snow started settling late yesterday afternoon after a few blizzard like bursts, but it must have really come down through the night. Here are some pics.

Mollie loves it, and she's sitting here sulking now, cos she had to come It's just started to snow again, then I think it's meant to ease later in the morning but more to come late afternoon evening.

Enjoy the snow if you have it, but please all keep safe, them roads are going to be treacherous so best to stay at home if you can. xxx

One of my creations for today.................

I thought what the hell, we don't get snow like this very often, lets go and play, was great fun, even Mollie tried to help by pinching his arms and the carrot for his His hat is one of Mollie's deflated footballs and Steve kindly donated one of his old ties.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Wow, I am coming to your house. We don't have any at the mo. I live in hope though!! We don't ever get it as bad as anyone else so really want it. Have fun. Hazel xox

Tasha said...

i think idget on famously with mollie as my daughter and i are going crazy about the snow! Im such a big kid, but already there hasbeen an accident. I live amoung many elderly and my neighbours car slid down the road, she was so scared. But the snow is fabulouus - i do hope itstays.
Hope you have a lovely crafting day - il check back later to see any makes
love tasha xx

Clare said...

Great fun, similar here. Schools and roads closed. See my blog for pics and video.

joey said...

Hi Joanne, fabulous snowman! makes me giggle what the snow brings out in us all, I am not a lover of it, but had fun with the kids this morning.xx

Clare said...

Hi Joanne, thanks for your comments. Hubby's home now making a snowman with Emily. Will post pics later. hugs Clare x

Louise Emma said...

I love the snow too Joanne, we have about 2 inches and more on the way so I am told, x Can't wait for the kids to get home so we can build a snowman...both their schools were fine today

Moni said...

We have snow too! Great snowman! Hugs, Moni

Anonymous said... the snowman....
I'm glad us adults can be big kids just for ONE
I have had a good play with the kids too, come check our fun out,
Hugs Angel

cornishmist - thats me ju x said...

Evening Joanne, love your pics of the snow its best from inside me thinks lol...Hope its all gone by Thurs I am off on me hols then lol Dont I sound an old misery lol ju x

Emma said...

Fantastic ya snowman.
Emma x

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