Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A long day and night

Yesterday Mollie was in the vets to be spayed, I dropped her off at 9 a.m., came home and Steve and me started on the decorating of the lounge, I was glad for something to take up my time as I was really worried. I know being spayed is a common procedure, but it didn't stop me worrying. We were awaiting a call around lunchtime when the surgery should have been completed, we got a call just before 12 to say that the vet had been called to an emergency at their main vetinary hospital, so he was going to take Mollie with him and they would perform the surgery there. Finally at 3:20 we got the call to say the surgery went well and Mollie had come round ok. We were told she'd be transferred back to our local surgery around 6 o'clock and we could then take her home. She seemed quite chirpy when she saw us and was definately pleased to see us. We were told that she maybe a bit sleepy through the evening and may not eat, but gave us a special food for her to have for the first 24 hours and sent us on our way with an aftercare advice sheet. All seemed ok, until we got home. Poor Mollie doesn't know what to do with herself. She has been sick a couple of times and she just can't seem to settle. She appears to be more comfortable if she is sat up, then she dozes off and falls over. I decided I'd sleep downstairs in the lounge with her, but I've only literally had cat naps. Soon as she lies down she'll be lucky if she'll last 5 minutes before she has to move. She's in her bed, on the duvet, on the floor, everywhere, she must be so uncomfortable and very tired (like her mum) as she can hardly keep her eyes open. I don't think she is in any real pain, just extremely uncomfortable, though she does let out little whimpers when she stretches. The sickness appears to have stopped and she has been taking a little water, so thats something.
I just feel so bad, that we have put her through this and feel so hopeless that we can't seem to do anything to help her other then give her love and try and make her comfortable. I knew that obviously there would be some discomfort and that she'd probably be feeling sorry for herself, but I didn't expect it to be this bad or so distressing. I'll obviously be keeping a very close eye on her. Steve has work today and away tonight, so I think Mollie and me will be having a very quiet day (hopefully) on the sofa with a duvet, catching up on sleep.
Here are a couple of my favourite pics of Mollie, both taken not long after we got her, aged 6 months. One cutie pose and one smiley pose.


Suzanne said...

Oh poor Molly she is so like my 8 month old sproker Honey, we will have to go through this with her soon and I am not looking forward to it!! We had a springer called Meg who suffered much the same as Molly but she was fine after a day or two she will soon be chasing a ball again. Sue :o)

Louise Emma said...

Awww poor Mollie. Hope she is back up to scratch soon hun xx

Poppy said...

hope she's feeling better she's such a cutie.

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