Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ooohhh A New Award

Thank you to the lovely Hazel for this new award, if your not already familiar with Hazels blog, then please hop over and take a look at her wonderful cards and ATC's.

Thank you to Clare, who also gave me this fab award. Please visit Clare's blog as well as her gorgeous creations she has some blog candy for one luck winner to celebrate 3,000 hits to her blog, you have until Saturday 31st to enter.

Here are the rules:

a) First list 10 honest things about yourself making them interesting
b) Pass this onto 7 other bloggers who you feel embody the spirit of Honest Scrap.

Well here I go, these are probably more honest 'crap' then

1. I always have to leave the landing light on at night, I hate the house being in total darkness.

2. I like to swim and I'm a fairly strong swimmer, but wont go out of my depth unless I can swim along the edge of the pool.

3. My middle name is Christine, after my mum.

4. I'm a born worrier, and will worry about the silliest of things.

5. I treat Mollie (the dog) as if she was a real kid, well to me she is, she's my

6. I'm a compulsive spender for crafty things, though I'm sure I'm not alone on that one.

7. I have two younger brothers Daniel and Jamie, and last year I gained an older step-brother and younger step-sister, Patrick and Fiona.

8. I was born in and lived in Sussex until moving to Yorkshire with Steve in 1996.

9. I have been with Steve 15 years this year, and we've been engaged just over a year, so not holding my breath for a quick wedding date.

10. I have a degree in Psychology and graduated in 2002.

Phew, are you still awake??

Right the 7 I'm passing to are:

Louise, Maree, Moni, SueH, Poppy, Tasha and Heather

Right I best go let them all know.


Poppy said...

Thanks Joanne,No I haven't had this one will have to think a while before I answer it

Tasha said...

Thank you Joanne for this award - i realy appreciate it! You have a degree in psychology? Want to sit my exam for me? lol DO you work in that field now?
Love tasha xx

Ewonne said...

Got a little challenge for you in my blog!

Anonymous said...


Hugs Angel

Lynsey said...

Hi Joanne, I've tagged you!
Hugs Lynsey:)

Moni said...

Congrats for the award, and thank you for thinking of me! When i fill better i will post it on my blog! Hugs, Moni

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